RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor, 1940-2020


PAT “Goody-Goody-Yum-Yum” PILCHER laments the passing of one of his childhood heroes, The Goodies founder Tim Brooke-Taylor, another victim of the Covid-19 virus.

RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor (centre)

As a kid, a regular high point of what was otherwise the dismal TV fare of the 1970s was The Goodies. Bill Oddie, Graeme Garden and Tim Brooke-Taylor played three odd-jobbing nutters who’d take on anything, anywhere, any time. It was complete and utter silliness. For me as a kid, it was also a much-needed giggle. Episodes like ‘Kong Kitten’ had me in stitches.

Sadly, today it was announced by Brooke-Taylor’s agent that at age 79, he had died on Sunday morning from COVID-19.

His fellow co-goodie, Graeme Garden, said Brooke-Taylor was “a funny, sociable, generous man who was a delight to work” with and that, “Audiences found him not only hilarious but also adorable.”

RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor (to the left of the dog)

Garden’s sentiments were echoed by Bill Oddie who said that, “Fifty years and he only got cross with me once… well maybe twice… no quite a lot actually! No one could wear silly costumes or do dangerous stunts like Tim. I know it hurt cos he used to cry a lot. Sorry, Timbo. A true visual comic and a great friend x.”

Like a lot of UK comedy greats, Brooke-Taylor started out as part of Cambridge University’s Footlights revue. He eventually made it into radio and television in the 1960s, working alongside John Cleese and Graham Chapman.

In 1970, Brooke-Taylor formed The Goodies with Garden and Oddie and brought the surreal and often ridiculous world of The Goodies into lounges across the globe. The Goodies had a unique style that at the time used innovative and very funny visuals with a liberal serving of slapstick. They even managed to get a hit into the UK Top 10 with the song, ‘Funky Gibbon’.

RIP Tim Brooke-Taylor (left)

The Goodies ran through the 1970s and into the early 1980s, garnering a cult following in the UK, Australia and New Zealand.

Witchdoctor sends its condolences to Brooke-Taylors wife, Christine, and their two sons.

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  1. Ah but who can forget Ecky Thump or even the great Apart-Height!

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