WIN: The Look of Bass And Vodka In A T-Shirt

How many Sony gadgets does it take to make a T-Shirt? And just how does a Sony gadget come into play in making a t-shirt?

Sony has teamed up with NZ streetwear brand, ilabb and they’ve created a very cool limited edition run of T-shirts using unconventional methods involving vodka, Sony extra Bass speakers,  and an A7 mirrorless camera.

Thankfully, the vodka didn’t get consumed before crazy amounts of Oonst were applied. Instead, a tub got filled with the vodka. Three mahoosive Sony XB90 speakers were then placed under it and cranked up with several bazillion tonnes of bass added (shaken not stirred?).  

The resulting subsonic explosion of sweet noise and even sweeter chilled vodka caused tsunami like good vibrations on the surface of the vodka which were captured in slow-mo using a Sony A7 camera. These were converted into cool prints on ilabb T-shirts. Vodka and bass, what’s not to like, right? We at Witchdoctor fully approve.

The special run of limited edition ilabb/Sony tees, which have an RRP of $59.90, can be bought online at until sold out.  Knowing that Witchdoctor readers are likely to find the combination of Vodka, bass and T-shirts irresistible, the Witchdoctor team managed to secure just one T-shirt for a lucky winner.

All you’ve got to do to be in to win is sign up to the Witchdoctor newsletter with your email address by Feb 12. We’ll email the lucky winner, and if we hear back from them within the week, they’re the proud owner of one of these cool tees!

So what are you waiting for? Sign up for that newsletter here, and good luck.

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