Edifier Launches Exclaim Connect PC Speaker

Edifier has launched its cheap-as-chips Exclaim Connect PC speaker on the NZ market.


Blending smooth curves and straight lines, Edifier’s Exclaim Connect PC speaker promises crisp highs and rich lows while you work, and is designed to be the perfect match for PCs and laptops.

Each satellite houses three active speaker drivers and two passive radiators, the upper section of which contains two 1.5-inch midrange tweeters and a 1.5 x 3-inch passive radiators, while the bass section contains a 3-inch woofer and a 3-inch passive bass radiator.

Weighing a mere 2.4kg and taking up very little precious desk space, the Exclaim Connect is no shrinking violet when it comes to volume and sheer slam, with its DSP technology delivering active crossover frequencies and superb tonal balance, while the DRC (Dynamic Range Compensation) minimises any possible distortion. Adjusting the volume is easy, with the volume button located on the right side of the speaker.

Edifier also claims that the Exclaim Connect will satisfy gamers’ sonic needs, and a bonus is their Bluetooth capability, which makes them accessible not just with your computer, but smartphone or tablet as well.

* The Edifier Exclaim Connect retails for $179.99, and is available from EB Games, Mighty Ape, PB Technologies, Ascent Tech and Computer Lounge.

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