Technology Gets A Funny Bone

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it an exploding smartphone? No, writes PAT PILCHER,  it’s a book of chucklesome cartoons all about technology.

Cartoons are interesting things. Be it a quick snigger at the morning current affairs cartoon or a considered pause for thought at a cutting piece of hand drawn social commentary in The NZ Listener, cartoons are rarely dull. They’re also a vital part of my daily routine.

Most deal with politics and other pressing social issues. They’re also the one slice of media that doesn’t usually deal with the Kardashians and other celeb nonsense. Trouble is, hardly any cartoons ever deal with technology or gadgetry, even though it is a topic that is over-ripe for lampooning.

At least that was until Jim picked up his pencil and crafted Sounds Like A Game Changer. By night, Jim is a cartoonist with a quick wit and a keen eye for the crazy in the world of tech. If his work looks familiar, that’s because you’ve probably already seen some of it in high profile media outlets such as The NZ Listener or NZ Reseller News.

By day, Jim (aka Brendan Boughen) works for Microsoft. He has an extensive background in tech and has worked for brands like Samsung, Huawei and Philips. This shows throughout much of his work, which is guaranteed to make anyone with even a passing interest in technology chuckle.

Sounds Like A Game Changer is a humorous look at the role of tech in our day-to-day lives, and consists of 100 of his cartoons. It was published after a crowdsourcing campaign and launched at Microsoft’s Ignite conference. PAT PILCHER


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