Harlot For President

Could a prostitute ever make it to the Whitehouse? Estère clearly thinks so. She explains her new song to Gary Steel.

unnamedSHE’S A WELLINGTON-BASED artist whose new single is perfectly timed and themed for the presidential election in the United States in just a few days’ time.

Estère – who will release her second album in the new year – explains:

“The song is called ‘Ambition’, and it’s about a high class bordello resident, Magdalene La Virgin, who is very socially conscious and sees a lot of improvements that could be made in this world.

“She uses her insider knowledge and powerful connections to obtain a position as a presidential candidate, and people are enthused and enamoured by her policies and the vision that she has to offer the people of America.

“I mean, if Kanye West is going to be running for the 2020 election and Donald Trump’s one of the primary candidates this time, then who’s to say that a prostitute can’t become the president in the country that never says never?”

Here’s the video for ‘Ambition’. Meanwhile, check out Steel’s piece on Estère in the latest edition of Metro magazine.


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