IsoTek Power Optimisation Gear Now Available In NZ

INTERDYN HAS RECENTLY announced that it’ll be handling the distribution of IsoTek power optimisation products in New Zealand

According to Interdyn, “IsoTek’s highly specialised filter technology cleans the power obtained from mains outlets before it reaches your hi-fi or audio visual system. The impressive range of power cables further enhance this improvement. The available solutions cover a wide range of systems, delivering significant upgrades in performance at competitive prices”.

Very high-end indeed! The Isotek Genesis dual-cell mains sine wave generator.

Power conditioning and isolation is often the last thing on an audiophile’s mind when it comes to sonic improvements, but as the Witchdoctor team has found over the years, it’s possible to get real and noticeable differences with properly designed and implemented products. The IsoTek range includes some very serious high-end products as well as much more affordable ones – so there’s something for enthusiasts at every level. We’ll be aiming to get some review samples to our team in the near future.

For more information and dealer locations, check out

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