Daniel Hertz SA Audio Gear Now Available In NZ

MARK LEVINSON HAS been a player in the high-end audio game for a long time, since he founded Mark Levinson Audio Systems back in 1972 in fact. He’s since gone on to start Cello Ltd and Red Rose Music. His most recent audio company is Daniel Hertz SA, which was founded in 2007 and is based in Switzerland.

Daniel Hertz SA M6L preamplifier/DAC

Daniel Hertz SA is represented in New Zealand by Parmenter Sound, based in Muriwai Beach on Auckland’s West Coast. According to Jason Parmenter, he’s been assured by Mark Levinson that this new audio equipment is the best he has ever made. It’s been called his “…final statement in audio” which would of course place it in rarefied territory.


The new M6L preamplifier/DAC is on the way to NZ shores at the moment. For more information on price and availability of the M6L and the rest of the very definitely premium, high performance speakers, amplifiers and source components, contact Jason at www.parmentersound.com


  1. Congratulations to Jason Parmenter on bringing another fine audio brand to our shores. I am looking forward to hearing these – and am sure that they will sell like hot cakes!

  2. Love the look! Those dials! Mmm!

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