Ortofon And Interdyn Happy Bedfellows

Famed Ortofon has new home in NZ.

The top-of-range Ortofon MC-Anna cartridge
The top-of-range Ortofon MC-Anna cartridge

INTERDYN HAS ANNOUNCED that from November 1, it will be the Australasian distributor for the Ortofon brand.

The importer/distributor says it will carry a huge variety of models right up to the flagship MC Anna cartridge, which will no doubt be leaping off shelves and onto turntables at $8999.

Ortofon cartrdiges are suited to many different turntable brands, including Pro-Ject Audio, Rega, Thorens, Michell, Clearaudio, Linn and Music Hall.

Ortofon was founded in 1918, pioneering the use of moving coil technology in phonograph equipment. As their blurb notes, “From vintage-style mono cartridges to modern designs employing computational resonance analysis and cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, Orotofon have the best cartridges on offer for every music lover.”

Interdyn has been involved in audio-visual sales for more than 50 years, and its current brands include Devialet, Pro-Ject, SIM2, Polk Audio, Rotel, OPPO and Tivoli Audio.



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