New NZ Distributor For Creek And Epos

LNZ HAS BEEN appointed the NZ distributor for Creek and Epos. Both brands are well known overseas but probably less familiar to most Kiwi music lovers.

The new Creek Evolution range includes the Evolution 50A integrated amplifier at $1650, the Evolution 100A integrated amplifier at $2850 (due in January 2015) and the Evolution 50CD CD player at $1895. There’s also a range of headphone amps, plug-in phono boards and a phono stage, along with tuner and Bluetooth modules.

WFD-Creek-Evo50AThe EPOS K-Series range of speakers sees the start of a new era in Epos’s history. The K-Series is the first speaker range to be designed by Luke Creek, and sees the introduction of slot-port technology, the reintroduction of simplistic crossover design and a removable rear panel that allows for digital upgrades. Effectively, the K-Series has an upgrade path that allows it to be converted from a passive to a sophisticated ‘active digital’ product, using an optional Active-K module.

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