T+A Launches New PDP3000 HV SACD CD DSD PCM Player And Decoder

T+A HAVE JUST started production of their new PDP3000 HV SACD/CD/DSD/PCM player and decoder.

WDF-TA-PDP3000HVThe PDP3000 is said to be the most advanced SACD player ever made – the brief rundown of what sets this player apart is:

·         Two sets of XLR & RCA outputs, one for DSD sources only and one for PCM sources only
·         A completely new transport, more robust and isolated than anything else around.
·         True discrete one-bit DSD decoders – completely void of any PCM use at all (probably the only one in the world), followed by a custom Amp/Volt convert with 4 custom DSD filters with a fully balanced & fully discrete output stage dedicated to DSD only.
·         32-bit 384kHz PCM decoder, followed by another custom Amp/Volt converter with 4 filter options featuring a fully balanced and discrete output stage for PCM sources only.
·         Completely separate digital and analogue sections, each with their own power supply (this unit needs two power plugs), fully isolated in individual machined aluminium shield boxes.


The detailed information is as follows:
•  A completely new transport design that is arguably the most robust and fully isolated mechanism found in any disc player. The most sensitive optical and electronic parts are fully isolated in both electrical and mechanical terms, using a solid billet of aluminum surrounding all key components and optics. The solid aluminium tray moves in and out by control of a huge screw motor assembly, while guided by a high torque clutch isolated motor using large, solid stainless steel guide rods.  No other transport is this robust or this fully  isolated from the environment.  The entire assembly rests on a three point isolation system that offers the most complete mechanical isolation possible.

•  One of the only (if not the only) true discrete one-bit DSD decoders built to the highest standards.  While most DSD playback schemes involve the use of a PCM multi-bit DAC for both PCM and DSD decoding, T+A has designed one of the world’s only true discrete one bit DACs for the most precise and low noise performance.  Offering better precision other DACs tested by the company, the T+A design also offers lower noise and higher speeds (up to DSD512) than any other DSD decoding section.

•  The one-bit DSD decoding section is followed by a custom I/V converter, four available custom DSD filters, and a fully balanced and fully discrete dual mono output stage that is dedicated only for DSD source material.

•  The 32 bit, 384 sample rate PCM decoder is the most refined and precise iteration of T+A’s proven dual quadruple 32 bit decoding sections, using the most advanced versions of our proven four discrete PCM digital filters, including our proprietary Bezier filter.

•  The PCM D/A section is followed by a custom I/V converter, four available custom PCM filter options, and a fully balanced and fully discrete dual mono output stage that is dedicated only for PCM source material.

Both of the fully balanced dual mono output stages use new High Voltage topology, and both operate in pure class A with zero global feedback. Like the HV preamp and digital hub, the PDP3000 has completely separate and fully regulated digital and analogue power supplies. Also like the other HV components, all individual sections of the PDP are fully isolated in individual machined aluminium shield boxes, with no magnetic material in any part of the chassis.

WD-TA-PDP3000HV-2One interesting added point:  because the PDP3000 has two completely separate balanced outputs, it requires two sets of fully balanced interconnect cables for connection to the preamp or integrated amp.  As is true with all T+A products, the engineers have created a communication link system that will tell the preamp or integrated amp which input should be used for each signal, upon identifying the signal as PCM or DSD.  This allow seamless and very user-friendly switching convenience when the PDP3000 is used with either the P3000 preamp or PA3000 integrated amplifier.

The PDP3000 costs $24,999 and has recently gone into production. For more information and arrival dates, contact the importers on www.pqimports.co.nz


  1. I think you must have added an extra 9 by mistake to that price…

  2. Nope – give them $25K and they’ll give you a dollar back to pay for parking 🙂

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