The Sami Sisters – Happy Heartbreak! (Parrot Diva Grump/Rhythmethod) CD REVIEW

THE WORLD NEEDS albums like this. You can tell by the album title alone (not to mention the name of the record company) that this familial trio have a healthy sense of humour to go with whatever tribulations they might be singing about, and in a world of mental illness masquerading as love songs, that’s a good thing.
The Sami Sisters are a lot more palatable than the Topp Twins, and it might be because their singing voices are rather prettier. Equally, it may be because the co-conspirators on Happy Heartbreak! are people like Ed Cake and Ryan McPhun; and it can’t hurt that it’s mixed by top international producer Tchad Blake.
I can’t help comparing this album to the sunny power pop of The Bangles, because it refracts the same sense of lightness of being and unwillingness to subjugate personality.
Each of the Sami’s gets a go at songwriting chores. So it’s Anji behind the Beatles-styled pop of ‘Not In Love’, Madeleine’s responsible for the girl-group pastiche-meets Jeff Lynne concoction of ‘Blame It All On Me’, and the old-fashioned power pop of ‘Closer’ is Priya’s work.
I like the fact that Anji feels confident enough to tell some guy that she was never in love with him; that Madeleine writes about her man ending their relationship via Facebook on ‘Oh Boy’, but that she already has another date. Happy Heartbreak! is colloquial, and that’s the way we like it. GARY STEEL
Music = 3.5/5
Sound = 3.5/5

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