Meze Headphones Now In NZ

MEZE HEADPHONES ARE now available in New Zealand. The brainchild of Antonio Meze, a Romanian-born industrial designer who wanted to create products that combined style and functionality, offering quality and durability along with the good looks expected from a modern set of ‘phones, Meze Headphones was created in 2009.

Meze Headphones offers a range of ebony wood headphones that are said to have specs that will satisfy the most discerning of audiophiles.

WD-MezeEach individual speaker enclosure is hand carved from ebony wood, before being polished to a satin or gloss finish. The grain of the wood is carefully preserved, so each pair of headphones is one-of-a-kind. The wood may come patterned or unpatterned, very light or very dark.

The headphones feature neodymium magnets for their drivers, and the ebony wood speaker housing produces a clear yet warm and natural sound, and they’re built to last.

Antonio Meze created these classic headphones to satisfy his needs as a designer, musician and audiophile. Having spent years listening to music through audio equipment that never quite lived up to his expectations, he set to work to design the perfect pair of high-end headphones. He came up with a product that left behind any gimmicky features, and focused on being an audio accessory that delivered the best possible sound.

But while the original line of Meze Classics appealed to music lovers and design enthusiasts who liked their simplicity and sound quality, Antonio Meze realised that a more portable version was becoming increasingly necessary, as smart phones became commonplace and entirely multifunctional, doubling as portable music devices. In response to this, he developed the ‘Meze 11 Classics’, a pair of wood earphones which have a mic and volume control built into the braided textile cord.

There’s now a full range of Meze earphones and headphones available in New Zealand, from the $159 Meze 11 Classic in-ear model to the $529 Meze 88 Classic.

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