Vinyl, 78s, Valves, Radio!

BwmlucGCYAAFPx8FRIEND OF WITCHDOCTOR Paul Burgess alerted us to the existence of Tauranga Village Radio, a delightful, volunteer-run historic radio station that plays music from the 1920s to the 1980s using classic gear and valve technology.

Having operated for 30 years, the station has encountered what may prove to be insurmountable budgetary obstacles, and may soon have to close.

BxTQRU8CEAIrVncAlthough Witchdoctor is excited about the future of audio technology, we also think that those exploring history of the mysterious art/engineering of music and transmission have an important part to play.

So we encourage our readers to visit the Village Radio website here, and to watch the NZ Herald’s recent, charming video about the station here. Who knows, there may even be some amongst you who can provide assistance to this worthy cause.


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