Bye-bye Ethernet, Hello Sonos Wi-Fi!

Pat Pilcher is stoked that his favourite multi-room system just got even simpler.


ALL_Full_Hardware_LineupAS A GADGET reviewer it’s easy to become jaded, as an improbably large pile of tech crosses my desk on a daily basis.

One gadget that has continued to amaze me and remains part of my daily existence to the extent that I’d be lost without it, is Sonos.

Consisting of a series of media streaming devices for music, radio and home theatre, I awake to Radio New Zealand chewing out politicians on my Sonos Play 5 every morning.

Hitting the shower, I lax out to music streaming from my NAS to my Sonos Connect Amp and some ceiling mounted JBL marine speakers.

Getting home, my Sonos Connect belts out some tunes as I prepare dinner.

When it comes to house work, I usually have some high energy music playing on all the Sonos zones throughout my house.

Except for my smartphone (which I use as a remote for Sonos players), there is no other gadget I use as often.

Now, thanks to a software upgrade, Sonos users can connect their Sonos gear to their Wi-Fi network, no cables needed. Beforehand, Sonos users needed to hook their router to a Sonos device using an Ethernet cable. Being able to get connected sans cables simply requires that the Sonos gear is within range of your Wi-Fi network. It’s also such a straightforward process that even the most technophobic should be able to do so with relative ease.

Where Wi-Fi coverage isn’t available, Sonos still recommends users make do with a Sonos Bridge.

Sonos home theatre setups still need wired connections, although a standalone wireless Sonos Hi-Fi Playbar doesn’t.

I’d love to say more but my elderly neighbours are demanding I play some more Sex Pistols as loud as possible. PAT PILCHER

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