Soul to Sole Audio Announces TL1 Speaker

Hawkes Bay based Soul to Sole audio has announced a new transmission line speaker – the TL1.

WD-StoS-TL1The TL1 is 86dB sensitive and according to Soul to Sole’s Steve Seque, they do like some good watts and sound better with some power behind them, offering “a nice big deep soundstage with clear smooth treble courtesy of the ribbon tweeter”.

They’re not big speakers at all – as Steve put it, “The cat wanted to sit with them and it does help you see how small they are.”

The TL1 will retail for $2995 and will be in full production in less than three weeks.

WD-StoS-TL1-1Soul to Sole will also be making a matching hi fi rack using the same materials so the speakers and the rack will combine very well. The same principle will work with the Bastanis Matterhorn and Wildhorn speakers which are also being built by the company – speakers and rack will have the same Soul to Sole “look”.

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