Status Quo – The Frantic Four Reunion 2013 (Fourth Chord) CD REVIEW


THERE’S A GREAT parody of Status Quo called ‘Boring Song’, where the comedians get the ham-fisted boogie of England’s most unlikely band down pat, and whose takeoff features lines like: “Have to sing the same refrain, and the same refrain again”.

If anyone were ever to ask me what Status Quo were like, I would refer them to this apt satire, or perhaps to the film Spinal Tap: Status Quo proudly claim it’s based on them.

The group have been hawking their rather chummy, good-time riffology and frankly moronic songs since the late ‘60s, a kind of very working class English tribute to early rock and roll and blues boogie, but without the dirt and sex of someone like George Thorogood.

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The thing is, though, that for all their naffness, Status Quo are so harmless that they’re kind of likable. Which still doesn’t quite explain the need for a reunion gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, and a double album of indifferently-recorded performances, where you can hear the audience singing along but get no real sense of the group dynamic.

Who would buy it? GARY STEEL


2.5/5 stars


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