iFi Launches Crowd-Designed DAC

THIS LITTLE DAC boldly claims to go where no DAC has gone before. iFi’s Micro iDSD is said to use advanced technology not seen on Digital to analogue converters at any price.

It features Dual Core Burr Brown processors – apparently the world’s first implementation of these processors. This gives the Micro iDSD the ability to natively convert DSD512(24.6/22.6MHz), PCM 768kHz and 2xDXD(705/352kHz).

WD-iFi-Micro-iDSDFeatures include:

Dual Core Burr Brown True Native chipset: OctaSpeed DSD512/DoubleSpeed 2xDXD/PCM768 kHz

6 Filters: PCM: Bit-Perfect Processing/Minimum Phase/Standard digital filters selectable

DSD: Extreme/Extended/Standard Range analogue filters selectable

Ultra powerful headphone amplifier : 8V/4000mW

Three Power modes: Turbo/Normal/Eco (from 4,000mW of power to 12 hours of playtime)

iEMatch: perfect matching circuit for IEMs (eliminate hiss)

3D holographic sound for headphones and speakers (two separate and distinct circuits)

XBass system

Active preamplifier mode with 9dB of gain (easy matching with active speakers/power amplifiers)

Intelligent SPDIF coaxial/optical input and outputs

SmartPower: onboard battery for portable use and smart device recharging

3.5mm line input

iPurifier built-in

RRP is TBC but units will be available by mid-July.


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