Artisan Acoustic Audio Brand Launched

WDF-Artisan-Acoustic-cable-2PETER HARDIE OF Reference Audio in Auckland is about to launch a new boutique audio brand for his custom-made hi-fi products.

Artisan Acoustic is the name, and the first product off the rank is a new interconnect cable. The conductors are suspended in air on a 3D printed core for precise geometry (materials are still somewhat secret at this stage but the cable is complete and ready to be auditioned). Peter’s original Vitesse Audio cable was one of the best our reviewer Ashley Kramer had ever heard in his system, so he’s eagerly awaiting a review unit upon his return from foreign shores.

The review of the Vitesse Audio interconnects and speaker cables can be found here

In the next few months, he plans to release additional products including:
Open-cell ceramic turntable plinths for vintage decks.
Tannoy 15-inch cabinets in bamboo and open-cell ceramic


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