Navman Introduces SmartGPS

deviceNAVMAN’S LATEST IN-CAR GPS unit includes a major new feature the company is calling SmartGPS,

Light years from its previous iteration, it’s ‘the first connected GPS to link multiple devices to the cloud and integrate social platforms’.

The idea is to create a seamless and straightforward navigational experience.

‘The SmartGPS anticipates and streamlines your information gathering needs, from location suggestion to navigational instruction. It provides live instantaneous information based on your location; everything from nearby mobile speed cameras to cafes on the way to work that have a special offer, or even the highest rated restaurant in your area.’

The idea that it syncs with the owner’s other devices when connected via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, meaning an address you found using your phone, tablet or computer can be wirelessly sent to your SmartGPS.

According to Navman, the SmartGPS ‘is the first navigation device to integrate with social media platforms, including and Foursquare, to deliver live recommendations for what to do, see or visit anywhere in NZ.

“Not since the original launch of the first GPS device have we seen such a major step-change in technology,” says Wendy Hammond, Country Director, Navman Technology. “We know that every day people are using the internet to search for information regarding a location or destination. They are also using their smartphones and tablets on teh go. However, after the initial search, the rest of the experience is often not very smooth. We’ve introduced the SmartGPS to marry these everyday behaviours with quality navigation from a dedicated GPS device,” she says.

The Navman SmartGPS “uses advanced clous technology to that points of interest and travel data can be shared and transferred across devices.” The SmartGPS automatically offers dynamic information onscreen; real-time, relevant information by collating data from online directories, social platforms and other live sources.

Witchdoctor’s review of the Navman SmartGPS is on the horizon.




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