Magellan’s Two New Fitness Gizmos

magellanMAGELLAN HAS LAUNCHED two new fitness gizmos, the Echo and the Cyclo.

The Magellan Echo is a customisable running watch that displays information from fitness apps.

While fitness apps have become very popular, it can be less than practical carrying around a chunky smartphone to access the apps and monitor your progress.

The Echo is a fitness watch that uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect to iPhones, echoing the details from the wearer’s favourite fitness apps.

Compatible with most popular fitness apps – including Wahoo Fitness – the watch has been built with an open platform so new apps can continue to be developed for it.

The Echo features four hard control buttons, as well as a touch sensitive screen to allow scrolling through multiple data screens. Audible alerts are also an option.

The runner can later post all their data from the Echo via their chosen fitness app to their favourite social media site.

Other features include a shower-proof design, six month battery life, and free software updates.

The Echo is available in black, tangerine and blue for $199, and with the addition of a BLE heart rate monitor, $249.

magellan_cyclo_500_505_505hcThe Cyclo, as the name suggests, is a cycling navigation gadget with wireless syncing, detailed colour maps and three models designed specifically for NZ cyclists with pre-loaded NZ bike tracks.

Shake & Share is a feature that allows groups of cyclists riding together to share destinations and routes wirelessly, on-the-go. The Cyclo will also allow seamless and automatic sharing with third party apps and social media sites.

There are three different models. The Cyclo 500 features a three-inch colour touch screen, toughened water-resistant glass and all the performance measuring abilities you could ever want. As well, the rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours.

The Cyclo 505 and 505HC add the Shake & Share feature, while the 505HC adds a heart rate monitor, cadence and speed sensor kit.

The Cyclo 500 retails for $449, the Cyclo 505 for $479, and the Cyclo 505HC for $579.





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