TomTom Has Two New Models On The Street

WD-TomTom-Go60TOMTOM HAS released two new models, the GO50 (5-inch screen) and GO60 (6-inch screen). Both offer TomTom Traffic, the company’s real-time traffic guidance system using the driver’s iPhone or Android Smartphone to receive data, which covers 99.9 percent of all roads and uses crowd-sourced data from more than 400 million drivers globally to deliver accurate traffic information. Drivers can see traffic incidents in details, with precision as close as 10 meters, every two minutes.

“With the new TomTom GO products, we are enabling more drivers to get the best traffic information to make smarter driving decisions,” said Winnie Kwan, Senior Marketing Manager Asia Pacific, TomTom Consumer. “Navigation used to be about getting people to unfamiliar destinations, now we are empowering daily drivers with the real-time traffic information they need to get there faster. Today’s launch of the new TomTom GO 50 and 60 will directly contribute to easing traffic congestion, by guiding drivers away from the congested areas, saving drivers from spending valuable time stuck in traffic.”

Both models feature a one touch screen, rich user interface, simplified user interaction, 3D Maps, EasyPort Mount and Lifetime Map Updates.

TomTom Traffic offers these features:

·         Traffic overview: Drivers can see the full picture of all the traffic jams around them. Zoom in for a close-up view and zoom out for a bird’s-eye view.

·         Traffic detail: Drivers can see traffic incidents in detail and know exactly which roads are congested, the length of the delay and what is causing the delay.

·         Traffic jam alerts: Drivers know exactly where a traffic jam starts and ends. Drivers receive alerts if you’re approaching a jam too fast.

·         Alternative route viewer / Fastest route: Drivers will always be offered the fastest route available.

·         Accurate arrival time: Real-time traffic information ensures that driver’s arrival time is constantly updated and accurate.

From today, the GO50 and GO60 are available in New Zealand at $269 and $329 respectively from leading retailers.

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