Panasonic’s New Lineup

THE PANASONIC ROADSHOW started its annual grinding its way around the country earlier this week with a start-me-up slap-up dinner and demonstration of hot new products.

Highlights this year in the Panasonic Consumer Roadshow – as it’s officially called – included a brace of spunky whiteware, but we figured the Witchdoctor demographic probably weren’t that interested in fridges – do tell us if we’re wrong though!

To cut to the chase, products you probably do want to know about included:

Jl7w_gQko0oBmlFwG9kFXFsx_KpvtdFePi5zpqV-geE+ The Lumix DMC-GH4 camera, Panasonic’s newest addition to the mirrorless category, which is being promoted as the world’s first camera to record video in 4K. Named ‘Best Hybrid Photo/Video Camera’ at the 2014 TIPA awards, the DMC-GH4 is clearly a winner.

This baby retails for $2299 (body) and $3499 (12-35mm f2.8 lens).

+ The AX800 television panel, again using 4K picture technology. This new range has been developed using the knowledge of Panasonic engineers from the plasma category, who are now applying their expertise to the LED division.

“The new AX800 is the result of the best elements of plasma such as rich colours and excellent quality for fast moving objects making this LED range the best for watching movies and sports,” says James Petterson, Visual Product Manager.

The AX800 is available in two sizes: 58-inch ($7499) and 58-inch ($6499).

ZC2CzBldTMpsRsQLVahwMYViiGjSsJQQ3l5CRZtBGsc+ The HTB-880 Soundbar, which again utilises 4K and 3D signal pass through, as well as featuring Bluetooth smart networking wireless technology and a wireless subwoofer.

The Panny soundbar retails for $1299.

+ The BWT-840 Blu-ray Recorder, with built-in 4K upscaling, improved resolution and “richer textural expression”, whatever that means.

The Blu-ray Recorder, which of course also plays DVDs, retails for $999.

aFmiWDxo804lnB9wD8BNNah0Jxsh-zQYqEG2zTMMkFw+ The RP-BTD10E-K Bluetooth Headphones, which sees Panasonic getting in on the huge trend in fashion ‘phones.

They feature easy Bluetooth connectivity, “advanced sound quality”, and easy pairing with NFC connectivity.

The headphones retails for $229.99.

This year, 4K technology is the standout feature of the majority of consumer product categories, says Panasonic Marketing Manager, Chris Key. “The development of 4K into the market allows the consumer to integrate the 4K content across a full range of products while maintaining an exceptional quality standard.”



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