Michael Jackson’s Xscape To Xperia

Michael Jackson releases music from beyond the grave, and debuts it on Sony’s new mobile device.

-1IT’S THE KIND of idea that’s just mad enough for the world of Michael Jackson from beyond the grave.
Ahead of the release of his “new” album XSCAPE next Tuesday (May 13), Sony will be hosting a “tribute event” this Friday (May 9) “dedicated to celebrating the life, music and artistry of an icon.”
And selling cellphones.
It’s to happen from 12 to 6pm at Vodafone Headquarters, Viaduct Ave, Auckland Central.
Owen Dippie will spray paint a giant-sized portrait of Michael Jackson, which will be given to charity. Yeah wow. Because Michael loved children. We all know that.
But the big draw will be the chance to hear tracks from the new album. But not in the air (tonight), but through the handsets of Sony’s new XPERIA Z2 cellphones.
And goodness gracious, all it takes to get hold of the full album (presumably ahead of release) PLUS a bonus track, is to purchase said smartphone.
There are prizes, DJs and hey, maybe if you get close enough to the spraypaint action, you can get high off that. GARY STEEL

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