Martin Logan’s Weighty Neolith

Neolith-IWE JUST LOVE this sneaky teaser for the new reference Martin Logan electrostatic hybrid loudspeaker, The Neolith.

Actually, we hate this teaser, because it tells us almost nothing.

Thankfully, Martin Logan revealed a FEW snippets about the new speaker at the Munich High End Show. Basically, this fat boy combines the performance of their Statement Evolution 2 with the simplicity of the classic Monolith, from way back in 1983.

The Neolith boasts a 22 x 48-inch electrostatic transducer, as well as the company’s largest electrostatic radiating surface yet – in fact, a whole 35 percent larger than the Statement E2.

There’s also a 15-inch (!) rear-firing ported woofer and a 12-inch front-firing sealed mid-bass woofer, with bass down to 23Hz.

No word yet as to whether the model will be available in NZ, but word on the street is that Witchdoctor editor Gary Steel considering extreme options to afford a pair. Like going hungry, even.


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