Nordost Releases QK1 Power Cleaner

NORDOST’S NEW QK1 power cleaner is part of a modular product range, so while it’s similar to the current QV2 Line Harmonizer product, it’s also very much a complementary offering. The primary difference between the two is that the QV2 is an active device that cleans the low and mid-range sonic frequencies of common household noise, while the QK1 is a passive device that works on the midrange and high frequencies by working in parallel with the power source. According to Nordost, the two work together to cover the entire audio spectrum, cleaning spurious noise from power lines, making the music more emotional and alive.

Retail pricing on the QK1 in New Zealand is expected to be around $380 each, including the Schuko socket adaptor (and delivery). March is the expected timeline for availability.


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