Xbox One Guarded By Sharks

Xbox_SharkTankPRESSURE IS MOUNTING to get the eyeballs (and money) of gamers as both Sony and Microsoft duke it out for video game console superiority. The upshot of this is that some really creative PR tactics are being employed.

Just after midnight of November 21, New Zealand will be the first in the world to launch the new Xbox. Getting your hands on one before then however, may be a tad tricky as Microsoft, in a move that can only be described as Jaw-some, has placed an Xbox One in a (hopefully) watertight perspex box and placed it in the shark tank at Kelly Tarlton’s Aquarium.

Until, that is, the official New Zealand launch event at one minute past midnight.

Even though some avid gamers may be tempted to don mankinis and take a dip, the console is guarded by the aquarium’s 20 sharks. As much as many are looking forward to getting their hands on the new Xbox, hell has no fury like a shark when its game of Halo is interrupted. This said, Xbox fans can visit Kelly Tarlons and have a gander at Microsoft’s next gen game console.

Sony are also upping the PR ante and have launched what they’re calling the “Declaration of Play” which will see gamers visiting a website to help them identify what sort of player they are and pledge their allegiance to a gamers manifesto ahead of the PlayStation 4’s release on November 29th.

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