Skullcandy Introduces Crusher Headphones With Powered Bass Drivers

WD-Skullcandy-CrusherSKULLCANDY HAS ANNOUNCED the release of the new Crusher headphone, intended to generate live concert levels of bass. The Crusher uses dual driver technology, with powered Sensation55 subwoofer drivers housed in each ear cup to deliver the bass, while the rest of the frequency range is supplied via separate custom REX40 drivers designed to fit the specs of this innovative new headphone.

The proprietary Sensation55 drivers are said to provide more than just audible bass, they apparently deliver bass users can feel.

The headphone features a flexible headband, an amplifier and battery in the ear cup to drive the level-adjustable subwoofer, removable/replaceable cables and collapsible earcups for easy stashing in the satin travel bag. The Crusher is also equipped with an auto on/off smart circuit that senses when music has stopped playing and turns off the amp automatically. This improves battery life and removes the need for a power switch.

RRP is $199 and the units are now available at select NZ retailers.

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