NZ’s First High Def Music Download Store Launches

jungle-audio-hd-jootix-385124HD MUSIC IS the obvious title for a download store that specialises in hi-def recordings, and it’s an idea so of its time that we’re surprised others haven’t jumped on this idea before now.

Physically based in Nelson, HD Music is an online music download store where every album is available in at least CD Quality, but really exists to flaunt its 24bit recordings.

HD Music sells only lossless file formats that can be easily interchanged with other formats on the user’s computer after downloading. It sells only two file formats: FLAC (in the highest available quality for that recording) and ALAC (CD quality).

We hope to have a Q&A with HD Music soon, but in the meantime, check out their site, and let us know what you think.


  1. I haven’t heard of a single artist on their site, is that a poor reflection on them or me? Both perhaps.

  2. You’ve never heard of Beethoven, Peter?

  3. Good on them. have been selling FLAC and other lossless file options for years!

    Itunes beginning to offer this option is pretty funny, really. It’s basically saying “The stuff we were selling you before was utter crap. Here, buy it again but this time we’ll actually let you hear EVERYTHING the artist intended.”

  4. Simon, has Bandcamp been selling FLAC that’s actually better-than-CD quality, or just CD-quality FLAC files? That’s the rub.

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