Nokia Lumia 625 Now Available

nokia-luia-625-crop-620x398TELECOM HAS GRABBED exclusivity on the new Nokia Lumia 625 for the first month of its shelf life in NZ.
This mid-range Nokia is reasonably well reviewed internationally, mainly because of it’s big 4.7-inch screen (making it Nokia’s biggest smartphone) and design that makes it look more high-end than it is.
The smartphone boasts some of the features of the more expensive Nokias – including 4G where available, long-lasting battery, and Gorilla Glass screen.
But those expecting a hi-res screen, or more than its 5 megapixel camera, or NFC capability should look elsewhere.
The Nokia Lumia 625 operates on Windows 8, and Telecom is offering it for $499, or $249 on a 24-month plan at $39 per month.

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