Samsung’s World First 3D Camera Lens In NZ

samsung-nx300THE GOOD WITCHDOCTOR has become highly skeptical of press releases claiming world firsts, because it seems that every second product release claims a world first, or a world smallest, or a world fastest.
Perhaps Samsung is right in claiming a world first 3D camera lens.
But what does it mean?
The Samsung NX 45mm F1.8 2D/3D lens, “the world’s first one-lens 2D/3D system capable of capturing both still images and full HD movies in perfect 3D quality”, is now available in NZ.
The fancy lens launches alongside Samsung’s new NX300 camera, of which Samsung says: “Not only does [the NX300] deliver incredible speed and accuracy through advanced photographic features, but it is also truly built around the user, with upgraded smart camera functions making shooting and sharing both easy and seamless.”
The NX300 retails for $1199, while the 3D lens designed for it goes for around $899.

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  1. Samsung is the best..kerennnn

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