The Chills, 1986

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The Chills

First published in the Evening Post, October 1986.

Chills’ Phillips Shares Solo Bill With Knox

oxsddyTHE LEADER OF New Zealand’s most successful unhyped band The Chills – Martin Phillipps – is to perform one half of a solo double act in Wellington this weekend, with ex-Toy Love loony and sometime local legend Chris Knox.
Phillipps says the solo stint will turn into double trouble for a few songs at the end, but the main reason he’s doing the tour is that there are “a lot of really old songs, and a few new ones, that I haven’t had a chance to play.”
“I want to try out some new songs, and get back a bit of confidence,” says Mr Shy himself. “It’s quite different getting up on stage by yourself,” he says of the performance experience.
The solo show is a way of “keeping things going” until the reactivated Chills take to the boards. His band fell apart immediately after a successful English tour late in 1985, and this was capped off by the recent departure of band regular Terry Moore, who “wasn’t feeling fulfilled in a band context. He is getting into a lot of production work.”
Phillipps has spent much of the year looking for “really special people” for the new-look Chills. “People who look at it as a career are professional, but still have spark. I’ve seen a lot of good people, but I’m looking for magic.”
Meanwhile, the recently released Chills compilation album, Kaleidoscope World, is keeping up interest, and there will soon be a new single, a song called ‘The Great Escape’, recorded live, which Phillipps has “stuck vocals and guitar on.” The b-side is stage rave ‘Love My Leather Jacket’, which was recorded in England and remixed in New Zealand.
“I believe that’s a world first,” says Phillipps. The song was remixed because the English sound was too “synthetic, too light.”
duwkrgPhillipps has “written a lot of music” this year, but “I’m having a lot of trouble with lyrics. There are a lot of songs sitting around waiting for lyrics.”
Otherwise, “I’ve been going through old cassettes, and we’ll probably do an ‘oddities’ cassette like The Clean.”
When a new Chills does eventuate, there’s a legendary fellow called John Cale who has expressed an interest in producing it. For the meantime, Phillipps reckons he is returning to Britain at Christmas, with or without a band. GARY STEEL
* Martin Phillipps and Chris Knox play The Cricketers on Friday and Saturday.

Note from the author: It’s strange going back this far to read about one of the Chills’ many permutations/pauses, and Martin’s quest for “magic”. It’s great that they did get some international action, even if they never did quite crack it like they wanted to.

* Don’t forget to check out after May 31, where you’ll find a vast repository of NZ music history.

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