Sony’s Thumping Great Headphones

THE DAYS WHEN DJs and bass-loving club urchins were limited to a few headphone brand/designs are long gone, and Sony has added another two aesthetically arresting thumpers in its MDR range – the MDR-XB920 and the MDR-XB610.
The new headphones add to the Extra Bass series.
WDF-Sony-ExtraBassThe MDR-XB920 features huge 50mm driver units and high-energy neodymium magnets, and a perfectly sealed acoustic enclosure for, as the Sony press release cleverly notes, “mind-blowing levels of euphonic euphoria.” It also features a 1.2m flatcord with a twist and lock feature, for those prone to tripping on cables. But that’s not all. There’s also an in-line remote that allows control of music playback on smartphone, and a built-in microphone for taking calls. It’s available in silver with red.

The MDR-XB610.
The MDR-XB610.

The MDR-XB610, meanwhile, boasts a pair of 40mm driver units, and is available in silver.
Both headphone models are, Sony reckons, very comfortable because of their pressure-relieving urethane foam, which also helps to keep out ambient noise. They’re not tiny headphones, but they do have a dual-folding design.
No price announced yet, but the headphones will be available in April.

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