Semi-mythical NZ Album Gets Reissued At Record Store Day

real-groovyREAL GROOVY IN Auckland has announced that it will be celebrating Record Store Day on April 20 by – amongst many other things – making the long deleted NZ classic folk-rock of the Waves album available on the day.
The record, featuring the haunting songs of Graeme Gash and sounding like an existential antipodean take on Crosby, Stills Nash & Young, will be available in all its vinyl glory at Real Groovy only, where initial copies will be accompanied by a double CD package featuring the self-titled Waves album along with an unissued 1977 follow-up, Misfit.
Real Groovy’s Record Store day celebration will also feature the vinyl reissue of a Beastwars album, as well as a reissue of Shihad’s debut, Churn.
On the day, there will be a load of special guest DJs spinning tunes.

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  1. The date is actually Saturday April 20th Gary, not 29th. Cheers.

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