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6. MomentEVERY NOW AND then an Android app comes along that is so cool it makes me wish my coding skills were sharper. One such app is Moment. Developed locally by Kiwi Android app makers Sockmonkey, Moment is a nifty video wallpaper app that can transform a video clip into a live Android wallpaper, and the effect can be startling.
Using Moment is pretty straightforward. All you need is an Android device running Ice Cream Sandwich or higher, with a compatible camera. Simply capture some video, then process it using Moment. You can choose from several effects, ranging from panorama through to a really cool 3D, depending on how you captured the video.
The end results can be mighty impressive, with demo wallpapers provided in Moment showcasing the basic video wallpaper and the 3D effect. Flicking between screens animates the captured video. As you move forward from one screen to the next, the video wallpaper plays. Moving backwards to the home screen also plays video backwards.
Nicer still is the 3D effect where an object is filmed by moving the camera around it in a semi-circle. Moving from one screen to the next gives a convincing illusion of depth as the object filmed rotates in time with the screens on the android device moving. Putting this visual effect into words simply doesn’t do it justice, so check out the YouTube clip below. Moment pro can be found in the Android Play (see link below) store for $2.35. PAT PILCHER


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