Line Magnetic now available in New Zealand

Line Magnetic LM218IA integrated amplifier

Turned On Audio has announced that it will be representing Line Magnetic in New Zealand.

The distinctive and retro styled Line Magnetic range covers amplification, horns, drivers and complete loudspeakers, along with tubes and power supplies. Currently in stock are the LM210IA 300B SET integrated amplifier ($7,250), LM218IA 845 SET integrated amplifier ($5,000) and LM211IA EL34 push pull integrated amplifier ($2,399), with the rest of the range available to order.

Line Magnetic LM-1 212 Single Ended mono amplifier with tungar filament supplies

The illustrious Mr. Andrew Baker should get a review unit in the next few days but are we hoping for too much when we say we’re waiting for review units of the mighty LM-1 212 SET mono amps?

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  1. Would you play that LM-1 or frame it?

    There are photos of it floating about, but I haven’t found any mention of someone who has heard one

  2. They were playing them at the Chinese Hifi Show this year I believe…

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