THE FIRST THING to hit you is the fat, resonant, nuanced, oily sound of an upright bass; wired for sound within a rock format, it’s a distinguishing characteristic, but no mere novelty.
Over the 10 tracks of this debut, Auckland trio Coach lumber along on a pleasing nocturnal journey, Abraham Kunin’s shaded murmurings and rusted electric guitar conjuring images of nights and weeks of emotional agony.
He’s doubtless spent time basking in the dark glow of Neil Young and Joy Division records, although the sound is also steeped in more inward-looking examples alt-country.
But it’s the simplicity that appeals: Coach knows the value of keeping it spare, making room for the instruments to ring and reverberate. And while most of the songs are gloomy, there’s palpable, tender warmth in the glow of those textures. GARY STEEL
Sound = 3.5/5
Music = 3.5/5

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  1. Great review Gary.

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