OPPO Supports HRx DVD-R Discs

OPPO HAS ANNOUNCED that both of its players (BDP-93AU and BDP-95AU) offer support for HRx discs format, a high-resolution audio format that previously was only able to be played back on a computer music servers and very expensive high-end players.

HRx DVD-R data discs contain exact, digit-for-digit copies of the original Reference Recordings 176.4 kHz / 24-bit digital masters. According to Reference Recordings, this is the ultimate in fidelity for two-channel sound: true high-resolution audio, ready to load from DVD-R data discs.

For more info on HRx discs: www.referencerecordings.com

For more info on OPPO Bluray players: www.internationaldynamics.co.nz

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