TomTom launches Via 620 with a 6 inch screen

TOMTOM’S LATEST GPS unit pushes the boundaries of the in-car category with a big 6-inch screen. The Via 620 is aimed at drivers of SUVs, motor homes and other modern vehicles where the windscreen is some distance from the driver. It’s also said to be ideal for older drivers or those with kids who like to follow the maps while their parents are driving.

The Via 620 screen has also had a major increase in resolution, so it’s not just bigger but clearer too, with bigger buttons and bolder, easier to navigate menus.

A brief play with a unit at the launch showed that the processor is much faster too, because the Via 620 snaps back and forth through the menus and maps like a speedy computer, not at all like the laggy GPS devices we used to accept. Thanks to the dual mount system, the Via 620 can be mounted either on windscreen or dashboard, with the screen flipping automatically depending on the orientation.

The Via 620 also offers lifetime free daily map changes and comes loaded with the most recent maps of New Zealand and Australia. The daily map updates are based on reports from TomTom’s Map Share community of 21 million, and help drivers to deal with frequent road changes such as new speed limits and blocked roads.

Other features include:

Advanced Lane Guidance

Improved IQ Routes

Spoken street names

Parking assist

Three Year Bonus Map Updates (Drivers will receive 12 New Zealand map updates over three years – one per quarter)

The Via 620 has a RRP of $329 and is available at leading retailers or visit

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