The Fall in New Zealand 1982

HERE’S A PIECE of history. When The Fall toured NZ in 1982, Helen Collett, accompanied by photographer Charles Jameson, tracked down Mark Smith and wrote the following piece for my self-published magazine, IT.

I saw the band thundering away at their gig at Victoria University, with their powerhouse of two drummers helping to make it an exceptionally memorable gig. Somehow, those drums provided just the right accents, and the right groove, for Smith to rant and rave in his inimitable, sour-puss fashion.

As for this long-lost article, I would like to thank Helen – wherever she is – and especially Charles, who captured Mark Smith looking uncommonly doe-eyed and stark in these candid shots. GARY STEEL

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  1. We are The Fall. We are the aged! I saw them on that tour Mainstreet Auckland

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