The Best Music Video Ever?

IT’S BEEN LESS than two months since Adam Yauch of the Beastie Boys passed away. A lot of people miss him; I know I do. I’ve been listening to plenty of Beastie Boys music lately – I’ve got The Sounds Of Science double CD compilation on my iPhone to pump up my workouts, and Licensed to Ill is in the car head unit blazing away as I drive sedately around Auckland (ironic I know).

After his death, I watched the full length revisited version of ‘Fight For Your Right’ more than a few times. It occurred to me that this was surely the finest example of the high-budget music video ever recorded. It’s got it all – celebrities, ill behaviour, killer songs and the epic Will Ferrell cow bell solo. What’s not to like?

It’s worth a watch even if you’re not a Beastie Boys fan but beware – if you’re the preacher’s daughter, or the preacher for that matter, you’re likely to be offended, but what else would you expect from the Beastie Boys? ASHLEY KRAMER



  1. Haha! A great video indeed!

  2. Genius! -woe.

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