New Cambridge Audio 651T tuner released

YOU DON’T SEE too much attention being paid to tuners these days, but there’s still a lot of good music on the radio, particularly if you get away from the mainstream stations and search for the treasures that are buried in the more obscure shows.

To make the most of these broadcasts, Cambridge Audio’s 651T tuner offers DAB+, DAB, FM and AM reception, and features separate analogue and digital modules, with the FM and AM tuners isolated from the digital DAB section to offer the best possible sound quality. There are also separate DAB, FM and AM antenna connections, plus an audiophile grade toroidal transformer and a Wolfson WM8740 Digital to Analogue converter.

Like the rest of the new Cambridge Audio Azur range, the 651T has a new look, with redesigned casework featuring a new high contrast reverse display, a thicker brushed aluminium front panel, a seamless wrap-over lid assembly and dual-layer damped feet, all of which contribute to better resonance control.

RRP will be $799 more information can be found at

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  1. This model is identical in looks and technical specifications to it’s Predecessor, the Azur 650T DAB+ model that came on to the market in 2009.

    According to Cambridge Audio, the only changes are a mildly revised circuit board layout for less power consumption.

    This and it’s predecessor are very good examples of how a good DAB tuner should be regards to build and sound quality, but the 20% price hike for this new 2012 model is not worth it in my opinion.

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