Cambridge Audio SLA25 powered speakers available in NZ

CAMBRIDGE AUDIO’S COMPACT SLA25 amplified speakers are designed to offer an enviable combination of convenience, performance and style. With a built-in amplifier and a wealth of connections, users can concurrently hook-up a TV, iPod dock and other entertainment sources such as CD players without needing an external amplifier. A USB audio input allows a desktop computer or laptop to be directly connected to the speakers, with all digital to analogue conversion being done by the converter in the SLA25.

The SLA25 has a true 30 watts of power driving a 4-inch mid/bass driver and an audiophile specification tweeter. There’s also a dedicated subwoofer output, so the SLA25’s can be matched to a sub to generate a much bigger and fuller overall sound. According to the importers, these speakers match up very nicely with Cambridge Audio’s Minx subs. The premium high-gloss finish means that the sLA25s are likely to fit in with most rooms, so they don’t need to be consigned to the study – they could just as easily boost the sound of a flat screen TV.

The SLA25 speakers are priced at $699

For a list of dealers and more information, see the PQ Imports site here

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