Well Tempered Lab Versalex turntable and LTD tonearm now available

The new Well Tempered Lab Versalex turntable is now available in NZ, along with the new LTD tonearm.

The Versalex is a development of the Amadeus and Simplex decks (as reviewed here), featuring a multilayer Baltic plywood plinth with a walnut veneered top surface. The Baltic plywood was chosen because it has resonance qualities that suit turntables. The Versalex is only available pre-drilled for the LTD tonearm and is priced at $5999 including the LTD arm.

The LTD tonearm will be available as a separate item to allow users of other brands of turntable to get a slice of Bill Firebaugh’s design philosophies. It offers variable damping, RCA phono inputs and a hydraulic cueing device. Its price will be $1999.



  1. My god that’s beautiful. I feel faint…….

  2. Get your hand off it Andy… But it does look marvelous!

  3. looks better than the amdaeus which tbh is a bit meh.

  4. Can’t get my hand off it, Neil – you know me! I love the look (and sound) of the Amadeus but this baby looks seriously cool…..

  5. i’d still rather have a vpi classic or rega p9


  6. It sounds as good as it looks. Haven’t managed to faint yet though.

    I’ve never heard the GTA as I got a chance to audition the Versalex when I was about to audition the GTA and didn’t quite get back to the GTA.

    The arm was easy to set up but had a couple of manufacturing issues I had to resolve/work around.

    Never thought I would be buying a new TT.


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