New Shindo Agents In NZ

SHINDO LABORATORY HI-FI equipment is now also being sold in NZ by Turned On Audio of Onehunga, Auckland. These exotic and distinctly idiosyncratic valve amplifiers are hand-made in Japan by Ken Shindo and his wife Harumi. They’ve been creating these lovely pieces of audiophile art for almost 30 years, using the finest components and NOS tubes from the glory days of the valve.

Shindo Montille Poweramp

Currently in stock at Turned On Audio are the Aurieges MM Preamplifier and the Montille Power amp (priced at $8200 each). The Montille only generates 15 watts of power, so it needs some high sensitivity speakers to shine – we’ll be doing a review soon, making sure to use an appropriate pair of speakers of course, along with the recommended Shindo cables.

Shindo Aurieges Preamplifier

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