Here comes Spotify

WE’RE RAPIDLY BECOMING spoiled for choice when it comes to online video and music services, and now Spotify has announced that they are to enter the New Zealand market via partnership with multi-zone audio equipment maker, Sonos.

Boasting a catalogue of over 15 million songs, Spotify has 10 million active users globally. According to NZ Sonos Agent, Jason Lake, “The Sonos and Spotify partnership has been successful in the US and Europe and we expect no different in New Zealand, with many existing Sonos users subscribing along with strong demand from new users.”

Ironically, the market appears to be transitioning from famine to feast, with New Zealand’s once barren music service landscape being serviced by a growing number of plays including Quickflix, Rdio, 7Digital, iTunes and now Spotify.

Sonos owners are able to get a free 30-day Spotify trial. Spotify will also be available in three pricing options, ranging from free advert supported music to paid subscriptions. Pricing is as follows:

Spotify Free: No Cost ad-supported music.

Spotify Unlimited: Ad-free access to the Spotify music library at $7.49 a month.

Spotify Premium: Ad-free and enhanced sound quality with access to exclusive content, competitions and special offers at $12.99 a month.

Spotify will be available for Sonos, as well Android and IOS devices via freely downloadable apps. PAT PILCHER


  1. Great service, it’s like christmas… everyday!
    Also worthy to note that spotify on mobile devices is only available on the premium ($12.99) subscription.

  2. I liked it – although having to create a fake facebook profile just so I could login was a real pain…. What impact has Spotify had on your mobile data consumption?

  3. Fakebook it.

    I use Spotify on an Ipod Touch so all data is streamed from my home broadband plan via wifi. The Ipod is connected to a speaker-dock which creates an almost infinte jukebox in my living room.
    I haven’t checked consumption but stream quality is adjustable and playlist’s can be uploaded to the device for ‘offine’ listening.
    The android app is pretty good… for an android app.

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