Samsung Releases Rugged Smart Phone

SAMSUNG HAS RELEASED a new smart phone designed to take all the grime and knocks someone with an active life could throw at it.
The new Galaxy Xcover smart phone “matches social features with robust design”, according to Samsung, so it’s obviously pitched at teens and sporty types.
Its strong chassis is resistant to dust and water (the owner can safely dunk it in water up to one metre for up to a maximum of 30 minutejs), and it boastes a reinforced display that’s made from tempered glass that’s four to five times tougher than regular glass.
The Galaxy Xcover features Samsung’s Social Hub, which combines all social applications in one place, as well as Google’s mobile services.
It has a 3MP auto-focus camera with LED flash, which can be turned into a powerful torch.
* The Galaxy Xcover is available now in NZ for $599.

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