Acclaimed Oppo Brand Gains NZ Distribution

Formerly distributed by Rapallo via mailorder only, Oppo products have long been the subject of awed reviews, but have been scarce on NZ retail shelves.
International Dynamics has announced that it will be taking on Oppo, which will give the brand, and its award-winning Blu-ray players, a real chance to make its mark in NZ.
Oppo is a leading manufacturer of quality universal 3D Blu-ray players, and has built a staggering record of favourable reviews and awards for its Blu-ray players. The brand is so well regarded that it has become the de facto industry standard for the category, says International Dynamics.
The Oppo range includes two universal Blu-ray players, the BDP-93AU and the BDP-95AU, both of which include advanced second generation Qdeo video processing by Marvell, and universal disc playback for Blu-ray, Blu-ray 3D, CD, DVD Video, DVD Audio, SACD, HDCD and other formats.
The players also feature dual HDMI V1.4 outputs, 5.1 and 7.1 analogue audio RCA outputs, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio decoding, and advanced media playback features with networking, eSTATA, dual USB ports and support for most popular codecs, including FLAC.
Witchdoctor fans will be very interested in the BDP-95, which offers a superior audio performance by employing dual ES9018 SABRE 32-bit reference DACs, specifically for audiophile applications, as well as toroidal power supply, custom-designed and built by Rotel. Audio fans will also enjoy the dedicated 2.0 stereo output, the XLR balanced stereo output, and the 7.1 channel analogue audio output.


  1. But the most important question is, will they still be available as Region and Zone Free?

    That was the single biggest reason I bought mine from Rapallo – and I’m very glad I did.

  2. International Dynamics’ official statement on the above question is:

    “As an official distributor of Blu-ray players, International Dynamics will supply OPPO players as DVD region 4, BD region B. Authorised OPPO retailers will be able to help with queries regarding region-free options, when the AU models arrive.

    “Oppo and their official distributors (and any other manufacturer of Blu-Ray) are in fact barred from supplying modded players by the Blu-Ray Disc Association. Any modding of Oppo players that has happened in the past has been done by a non-official distributor.”

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