Mubi Now Downunder

SONY ANNOUNCED TODAY that its Mubi internet movie service is to be made available in NZ.
But there’s a catch: you have to own an internet capable TV panel, and there must be at least one Bravia item in your system to link with the service.
Mubi is an on-demand and subscription internet TV service. Registered users can pay a $9.95 subscription, although it’s not clear how many movie rentals that covers, and it’s not clear whether NZ’s still stone-age internet services are up to speed.
Other than the 1000 or so “classic movies” available to view, the service allows viewing of more than 20 internet TV channels, including Billabong and NZ’s own internet TV network, Ziln. So there is some free content.
Intriguing, but we want to taste and try before we buy. Which you can do – there’s a 30-day free trial on the service.

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  1. I have this service and have just signed up to the 30 day trial. The $9.95 covers a months worth of movies and there is no limit on how many you can watch. You can also choose to use a pay-per-view system which costs $3.95 per movie – I’m guessing not to many people elect to use this option. My broadband seems to keep up, so long as no one else in the house is using the wireless for anything too strenuous. Depending on how it effects my 40G usage limit, I may subscribe to the service after my trial is up as I spent more than $10 a month on movie rentals anyway.

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