Orange Road Audio Adds High-Profile Brands

Hi-fi importers and distributors Orange Road Audio have recently added a number of high-profile brands. The Auckland based company is now carrying:







In among that lot, our interest is most piqued by dCS – purveyor of what are apparently the some of the very best digital to analogue converters on the planet. Not that we’d turn our noses up at hearing some Revel or Lexicon gear of course. We’ll be aiming for some reviews in the very near future…

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  1. Of course if you want to see or heaven forbid hear the dCS Debussy we have one at Turned On Audio!

  2. Can I hear it hooked up to my Red Shed home theatre in a box please? 🙂

  3. I’m a vinyl-phile but that dCS Debussy does sound beautiful. If I had the biscuits, I’d definitely buy one!

  4. I understand that to be a common reaction. It’s just that dCS ownership requires many biscuits…so many biscuits. Still, so does a 911GT3 or a Panerai, both of which I’d likely buy if I experienced a major biscuit surplus.

  5. When we first got it in I was racking my feeble brain trying to find ways to afford it… but alas not for me…

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