f11 Issue 5 Now Online

I’m reading the fifth issue of f11 on Issuu on a brand new 1920×1080 22″ monitor and I’m marveling at how good it looks.  The fact that the monitor is brand new because it replaced a screen that was stolen by low-lives overnight doesn’t detract from how much I’m enjoying both the magazine and the way I’m reading it.

No I can’t quite get the monitor, desktop, mouse and keyboard into the toilet with me and I can’t schlep it all from room to room but sitting here at the desk is keeping me fully entertained – clicking through to video content or directly to advertisers’ websites, ah it’s a brave, new world. Of course,  I could easily take this issue of f11 along with me if it was on an iPad…the iPad I don’t own as yet but that’s a tale for another night.

This 102 page issue of f11 has some great content in it. There’s  a review of an 80MP digital back (yep that’s 80 MegaPixels), a Juli Balla portfolio filled with beautiful shots of beautiful women (which is not why I keep returning to it), a portfolio of Michael Gakuran’s superb urban photography and wait, there’s more but you’ll have to check it out yourself. Go for it – it’s a free download or you can read it online…


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